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Top 5 most frequently asked questions when buying or selling your home:

Buying or Selling your home or investing in a new home is said to be one of the most stressful undertakings that we may go through. It’s a variable of decisions and ultimately you want nothing to go wrong, at all. That’s why engaging with experienced solicitors to handle your property is one of the best investments you can make.

Our experienced Property Solicitors team at Robert Sinclair & Co., are able to offer you a quality service which is both efficient and cost effective.

Why us?

For Property Transactions to be managed successfully and efficiently, it needs to be handled methodically and proficiently.  Nikki Bell LLB and the Property Team at our Belfast based law firm have years of proven experience in Property Legal Advice, handling transactions on remortgaging, mortgages, purchases and sales across Northern Ireland.

We provide Property Legal Advice and support to individuals, commercial property agents, Flat Management agencies, retail landlords, financial institutions, banks, building contractors, companies and sole traders.

Top 5 FAQ when buying or selling your home:


I’m buying a house – should I have a survey carried out?

It may be beneficial to instruct a surveyor to carry out a Home Buyer’s Report. This type of survey is more expensive than a (BASIC) Valuation Report but gives substantially more detail in user friendly terms

How long does a sale or purchase transaction normally take?

A straightforward sale or purchase of an existing property would usually take about 6-8 weeks. Where difficulties or complexities arise the timescale may be longer.

At what point is a completion date determined?

A completion date cannot be finally fixed until the Solicitors acting for each of the parties involved are satisfied that all title and other matters relating to the property are in order.

When do I hand over or receive keys for the property?

Keys to a property being sold would not be released until all the purchase monies due have been received by your Solicitor. Generally keys are held and released by the Estate Agent acting on behalf of the seller.

What other arrangements do I need to make for completion?

• If you are purchasing a property, your Solicitor will require evidence that a Buildings Insurance Policy is in place prior to the drawdown of your mortgage funds.

• Land & Property Services (Rates) should be advised when you complete a sale or purchase so that your Rates Account for the property can be terminated or commenced as required.

• You should advise your utility providers (electricity, telephone and gas) of your completion date when this is arranged and note the directions that each provider gives to you.

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Nikki Bell LL.B


Nikki Bell obtained her Law Degree at the University of Ulster and went on to undertake a Masters Degree in Human Rights Law at Queens University Belfast.

Nikki joined the firm in July 2011 as a paralegal and subsequently obtained an Apprenticeship with the firm to complete her Solicitor training at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies. Nikki is now Head of the Residential Conveyancing Department specialising in all property matters to include residential sales and purchases as well as acting for developers. Nikki also acts for a number of major lender clients in relation to post possession sales.

“I have enjoyed being looked after By Nikki at RG Sinclair. The level of speed & professionalism was fantastic & I felt completely secure that my solicitor had my back. “- Khara Pringle

“What great service and support we received from Nikki Bell! As a family living overseas but wanting to set roots back where we came from, we were fortunate to have Nikki Bell of Robert G Sinclair and Co. Ltd Solicitors recommended to us. Purchasing a house from distance is a tricky business but we found Nikki to be very responsive with any questions big or small. She explained each step in the process of buying a house clearly. She was helpful with checking out queries that were important to us when buying our home and she was happy to help. She took each questions seriously and made sure she took the time and effort to explore it fully and to provide a comprehensive answer.”- Tara Nixon

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