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Do you find yourself at risk of losing your home due to mortgage arrears?

Our experienced in house Rehabilitation team are expert in dealing directly with customers who find themselves in arrears on their mortgage payments. You can contact our team on 02890 267186 or alternatively you can e-mail us at and we can help make everything clear.

At Robert G. Sinclair & Co solicitors we appreciate that facing the loss of your home is a very stressful time for anybody. For this reason we try to work with the customers of our lender clients in as fair and understanding a manner as we can. Together we can work with you to come up with the most appropriate solution possible for your situation.

We have outlined below some quick overview answers to some of the most common questions we receive. These are by way of an illustration and are not final nor legal advice on your position. Should you require advice please feel free to visit the link on this page for free Debt Advice Agencies.

Who are R G. Sinclair

R G. Sinclair is a law firm which specialises in Mortgage debt recovery and act for a number of financial organisations within Northern Ireland, helping their customers to find solutions to address their arrears.

Why have I received a letter from your firm

One of our clients has instructed us to contact you in relation to an outstanding debt that you hold with them. It is highly likely that they have tried unsuccessfully to resolve the issue with you and they have decided to place the account with our firm that specialises in such matters.

Where did you obtain my details

Your mortgage company supplied all of your details to us when they passed the account over to us.

I have received a letter addressed to someone else, what should I do

We would be grateful is you give us a call on 02890 231770 and let us know that we have sent a letter to the wrong address based on the information provided to us. The second option is to return the letter to at Sinclair House, 23 Bedford Street, Belfast, BT2 7EJ clearly marking on the envelope “Gone Away”.

Is my home at risk of repossession

Our intention is to work with you to avoid this. We can assure you that repossession is absolutely the last resort and like you, both our team and our client are dedicated to finding another alternative. It is therefore important that you contact a member of our team to complete an income and expenditure calculator so we can begin to help you. Ignoring this letter will increase the risk of your property being repossessed, contacting us is the first step to finding a solution. We may also refer you to a source of independent financial advice.

What if I cannot afford to pay or am experiencing financial difficulties

No matter what your circumstances are, it is vital that you contact us.

What happens if I don’t pay

The most severe consequence is that we proceed with litigation and your home is eventually repossessed. This is the last outcome that we and our clients want and therefore it is paramount that you contact us as soon as possible.

Will costs and / or interest be added to my debt

Interest and charges can accrue quickly when a mortgage account is in arrears. Many of these can be avoided by contacting us a soon as possible.

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