Robert G Sinclair Defence Solicitors were instructed by a local Tennis Club to defend a claim by one of their members who had slipped and collided heavily with a pole holding up one of the flood lights.

There is no disputing that the injuries were quite severe, however, the arguments were in relation to liability.  The incident happened some time ago, however, the Defence department at Robert G Sinclair solicitors gave a strict denial of liability throughout the case and proceeded to gather evidence in the form of medical reports and engineering reports in support of denied liability.

The common theme for cases such as this one, is that the insurance company will attempt to “buy off” the claim.  We at Robert G Sinclair Solicitors acting as defence solicitors take a different view point. We have the courage of our conviction and we advised the Insurance company to dispute liability throughout.

We proceeded to gather evidence in support of our case and we made the points to our opponents and to our clients, that if we were to consent to some form of “buying off” then it would set an extremely dangerous precedent, as the Tennis Club in question had done nothing untoward.
The allegations were that the Tennis Courts were not maintained properly and also that the lighting posts were also not appropriately made safe.  However, our clients had carried out their duties diligently and had followed all the relevant guidance.

At Robert G Sinclair Solicitors, we act for both Plaintiff and Defendants. This allows us to give rounded and expert guidance to our clients with the expertise to proceed accordingly.

With this particular case example, the Plaintiff withdrew his case on the morning of the trial, after years of contesting, the Plaintiff finally accepted the arguments that we had made.

We successfully saved our client in excess of £100,000.00 in defending this action. This again highlights the expertise of Robert G Sinclair solicitors.

The litigation department in Robert G Sinclair solicitors is now regarded as the fastest growing in Northern Ireland and we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your litigation needs be it Plaintiff or Defence.