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Debt Recovery Solicitors

Are you experiencing problems managing debt or recovering debt that is owed back to you?

Debt Recovery Solicitors

Are you experiencing problems managing debt

or recovering debt that is owed back to you?

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Call us today on 028 9023 1770, or fill in the call back form below, to arrange your free initial consultation.

Our experienced team at Robert Sinclair & Co., are able to offer you a quality service which is both efficient and cost effective.

Our Belfast based insolvency team has over 25 years of experience and provides a wide range of solicitor services including advice to individuals and companies who find themselves in financial difficulty or are owed money. If you are owed money or owe someone money, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation on 02890231770 or email Edmund Sinclair LLB and we will be happy to assist.

It no longer comes as a shock to discover that our society is enormously dependent on financial credit. Consumer credit is a part of everyday life for many people, helping to smooth the ebbs and flows of income and expenditure. With the debt tide rising, many debtors are at risk of drowning. This often makes the recovery process difficult.

Most businesses spend a significant amount of time attempting to recover payments. Often efforts to recoup money are futile as businesses do not always have the skills or expertise to enforce payment.

Why us?

For Debt Recovery to be successful and profitable, it needs to be handled methodically and proficiently. We recognize that access to cash is key to survival and maintaining control over debt is more crucial than ever. In addition to enforcing the recovery of payment, we provide an alternative dispute resolution which allows businesses to continue their working relations with their debtor, while managing their debt and cash flow.

We provide support to commercial property agents, Flat Management agencies, retail landlords, financial institutions, banks, building contractors, companies and sole traders.

Our Team receives a significant volume of referrals from Solicitors in other jurisdictions to issue proceedings in Northern Ireland and enforce Foreign Judgments.

What We Do


Letters of Demand to Debtors


Negotiating settlement and payment plans


Obtaining Searches and Status reports on debtors prior to issuing proceedings


The instigation of Debt Recovery Proceedings to obtain judgment


Issue and service of Statutory Demands


Drafting and issuing of Bankruptcy & Winding up Petitions


Repossession of Property for Secured Lenders / Landlords


Enforcement Proceedings, obtaining security for a debt due


Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Our team of legal experts will be happy to advise or assist you with any debt recovery matter.

Contact us for a quick, no obligation quote, on 028 90231770 or complete the enquiry form and we will call you back. At your free initial consultation our legal expert will make everything clear from the costs involved to what to expect along the way. We’ll work to get you the best possible result and promise to keep you up-to-date at every stage.

debt recovery solicitors

Edmund Sinclair LL.B


Edmund Sinclair, educated at University of Ulster, specialises in Lender Services, Insolvency and Business Restructuring. He currently manages a top 5 UK Bank mortgage litigation contract and has extensive experience of asset and debt recovery.

He conducts the day to day operations of a large mortgage litigation team and has carried this out for 20 years, ensuring that the firm adheres to stringent service level agreements. Edmund has developed a team within lender services to proactively address rehabilitation issues in order to maintain the position of the lender within a difficult property market. He has extensive experience in all areas of recoveries including asset recovery, shortfall recovery and bankruptcy and his clients include lenders and large corporations.

Stemming from his experience in these areas he provides training and seminars on repossession procedures e.g. to Citizens Advice Bureau and debt advice agencies.

Edmund has been instrumental in developing core ICT competencies of the firm.


Over 35 Years Of Experience




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Call us today on 028 9023 1770, or fill in the call back form below, to arrange your free initial consultation.

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