Clinical Negligence

Have you undergone a medical procedure that you feel was carried out unnecessarily or incorrectly?

If your answer is yes, our specialised solicitors will make everything clear by providing you with expert legal advice in relation to medical or clinical negligence claims.

Clinical Negligence: We understand that the vast majority of medical procedures pass off without incident, but some medical procedures, if carried out unnecessarily or incorrectly, can have far reaching consequences and can damage lives beyond repair.

We know that no-one wishes to be in a position where they may have to take action against a healthcare professional but where it is necessary, we can help in a sensitive manner. We have the experience to ensure that you get the best outcome.

If you decide to pursue a claim for medical negligence we can assist you with all your legal queries and provide legal advice and assistance throughout your case. We will advise you of the chances of success and will work with you to ensure the best result is achieved for you.

We have the experience and the know-how to assist in cases arising from incorrect diagnosis or issues in the care and treatment of a number of matters, including:


 Child birth

 Minor / major operations

 Prescription of medications

 Investigatory procedures

 Optical / dental procedures

 Hospital infections (e.g. C-Diff, MRSA)

Some clinical negligence claims can be funded by legal aid assistance or through medical insurance.

We will make clinical negligence clear

and will discuss the various funding options with you prior to undertaking any work on your claim.

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  • Matthew Fitzpatrick LL.B
    Matthew Fitzpatrick LL.B
    Associate Solicitor
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Matthew Fitzpatrick LL.B
Associate Solicitor

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Matthew is Head of Litigation and has a vast range of expertise in litigation having obtained over 10 years’ experience in a large national practice based in the North of England. Before taking up his position with Robert G. Sinclair Matthew worked for a litigation firm in Belfast.

During his time in England Matthew dealt with all aspects of litigation ranging from standard whiplash claims through to claims that settled in excess of £1 million. He has provided advice and training to various insurance companies and dealt with numerous complex insurance disputes. During his time in England Matthew managed a large team of Solicitors.

As well as this Matthew has represented individuals that have been involved in a range of accidents and has a particular interest in the psychological injuries that are suffered and the treatment that is required. Matthew is a strong advocate for treatment such as CBT and EMDR as opposed to simply medication, and has and will continue to try and make the Northern Ireland Judiciary share this viewpoint.

Matthew leads our Litigation Team servicing clients from large corporate institutions to local businesses and individuals, ensuring that their best interests are protected no matter the size of case.

Matthew has a strong desire to get the best results for his clients and is keen to use alternative forms of dispute resolution to keep both costs and stress to a minimum.

Matthew was the solicitor that dealt with one of the largest ever Clinical Negligence cases in Northern Irelands history, it was commented at the time that the proactive approach along with modern techniques that Matthew used meant that the settlement achieved was one of the largest ever in this jurisdiction. Matthew has dealt with all types of litigation from road traffic accidents to large clinical negligence cases and always puts the client’s needs first.