Cauda Equina Syndrome Claims

Cauda Equina Syndrome is a medical emergency and occurs when a patient suffers compression to the spinal nerve roots inside the dura, beyond the termination of the spinal cord. This is most commonly caused as a result of a prolapsed intervertebral disc. If the compression is not identified quickly and resolved, permanent damage can be caused leading to paralysis, incontinence and impaired mobility. These disabilities are often life changing. A referral needs to be made in time to allow surgical treatment before the syndrome is complete.

If your cauda equine syndrome has been misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late or caused by medical negligence, we can help you with a compensation claim.

Robert G Sinclair Solicitors are medical negligence specialists acting for patients only. We have experience in bringing claims arising from negligence in treating Cauda Equina Syndrome. Contact our experienced dedicated medical negligence solicitors for a free consultation.

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